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Wordbooks are available - sent via email once registration is complete


Registration and payment questions

How do I register?

click the register here button to be redirected to the registration page


I have completed the registration form. How can I make payment?

*Once you have registered, click the pay now button - you will be redirected to the Payfast website

* To make a payment at a later stage you can log into your profile and click pay               

*Make sure you used the correct reference


How can I pay? What options will PayFast give me?

Debit Card, Credit Card, SCode (cash deposits), Instant EFT, MasterPass and Bitcoin


How can I make a cash deposit?

PayFast has an option to pay using a cash deposit, please activate this by selecting SCode. SCode payments can be made at any Checkers, Checkers Hyper, Shoprite, Usave, House & Home, Post Office, and OK Furniture.

Follow the steps above for registration and upon checkout, press the SCode option.


Competition logistic questions

When and where is the competition held?

The competition dates and times can be found on the Calendar page. Venues will be released by the stipulated date every year.


What time does it start?

Please see confirmation email as the times listed below may change due to number of learners participating.

Bumble Bees registration starts at 8am - competition starts at 8.30am

Honey Bees registration starts at 10am - competition starts at 10.30am (or after Bumble Bees prize giving)

Melittidae Bees registration starts at 12am - competition starts at 12.30pm (or after Honey Bees prize giving)


Who qualifies for provincials?

The top 10 from each region qualify to go through to the provincial competition


Who qualifies for nationals?

The top 5 from each province qualify for the national competition


Who qualifies for nationals?

Each international competition has it’s own requirements but currently:

The top 10 from the Bumble Bee and Honey Bee categories get invited to the international competition. There is currently no international competition for the Melittidae Bees.


Who must pay for travel and accommodation?

All travel costs are covered by the participants themselves. Master Spelling Bee can suggest accommodation for the national competition, but they are not required to provide travel and accommodation for participants for any level of competition. We continue to work on obtaining sponsorships/partnerships that can subsidise this cost.


I did not get my wordbook?

Wordbooks are sent via email once your registration is complete. If you would like Master Spelling Bee to print and send you a word book, there is an extra fee of R250 per book. If you have misplaced your email, use the contact us form and request the confirmation email be resent. It can only be resent to the email address that is on the registered profile so please ensure this is correct.


I am running late on competition day?

Unfortunately, once registration check ins close on competition day, you are no longer able to compete, and you forfeit your registration fees.


I am no longer able to attend my allocated regional/provincial/national competition?

Please let us know so that we can extend the invite to the next runner up.

At regional level, if you are not able to attend your region, you are able to compete at another region within the same province to try and qualify for provincials.

At provincial level, if you are not able to attend the competition then you fall out of the competition and forfeit your place.

At national level, if you are not able to attend the competition then you fall out of the competition and forfeit your place.


What must I wear to competition?

Participants should please wear their school uniform or jeans (black or blue) with the Master Spelling Bee tshirt (can be purchased). 

It is the right of the judges to disqualify a participant for not wearing the appropriate clothing.


Competition administrative questions

Who decides which words are given to learners?

The word order is decided by computation. The organisers reserve the right to look over this list and rearrange the order if they feel like it presents an unfair advantage in the competition.


I do not agree with a decision the judges made, what can I do?

Please approach the head volunteer and mention your discrepancy. They will in turn bring it to the head judge. At no point during the competition is a anyone allowed to approach the judges table. If there is an error on the spellers turn, as stated in the rule book, it is the learners responsibility to mention it whilst still at the mic.


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